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NUTRON Motor Co is pleased to announce the introduction of the MARSHASEA HYDRAULICS range of high Pressure Pumps suitable for water-based fluids; there are two ranges, the XW and the TW.

The high pressure (up to 12,600 psi) XW hydraulic pump is suitable for a wide range of fluids, including water-based fluids. Separation of the lubricating oil and the pumped fluid is achieved by installing a cavity between the cylinder block and the case. Bypass, from the pistons, is collected in this cavity and returns to the inlet side of the pump.

The pumps are available with either three or six pistons. The six piston version can be supplied with duplex outlets, which may be used for simultaneous deliveries or for high and low pressure applications, when using an automatic unloading valve. There are nine displacement sizes available: - 1.5 gpm @ 1760 rpm, max. pressure 12,600 psi up to 11 gpm @ 1760 rpm, max. pressure 2,500 psi.

The high pressure (up to 15,000 psi) TW hydraulic pump is specifically designed for water applications. This unit is a three piston design incorporating the tried and tested features of the XW pumps. There are three displacement sizes available :- 1.1 gpm @ 1760 rpm, max. pressure 15,000 psi to 2 gpm @ 1760 rpm, max. pressure 10,000 psi.

A full range of control valves is available to suit these pumps, including relief valves, pressure unloading valves, thermal relief valves and directional control valves.

The technical catalogue available on a 3 diskette is easy to use with a central index with links to the relevant product page.

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