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For Immediate Release

Tuesday, July 07, 1998


Hydraulic Motors & Brakes to Power Manriding Winches

The MHA range of Heavy Duty Motors & Brakes have recently been specified on a large number of Manriding winches to be used on offshore oil exploration rigs in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

The decision to purchase these motors was made after extensive testing of low speed high torque motors and motor gearbox combinations. HTL was the only company able to meet the stringent performance requirements.

A deciding factor in their selection was the low hysterisis characteristic inherent in the unique design. This radial piston motor design employs hollow pistons containing a column of oil, which only serves to carry the compressive loads. This results in a smooth starting and stopping of the motor, hence accurate positioning of the Manriding cage, within 1 ft, even on the end of a 350 ft of cable .

Nutron Motor Co. is always available to design, prototype and produce hydraulic motors, brakes and valves for short or long production runs.

A detailed catalogue is available, showing performance and efficiency characteristics, dimensions with order code and holding torque details for the safety brakes.


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