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- High pressure intensifiers and PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, fluid power servomotors suitable for hostile environments.
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Issue 21

NEW PRODUCT - High Pressure Intensifier for water based fluids

  • Designed to boost any water glycol fluid to 21750 psi.
  • Boosts inlet pressure up to 10 times without external power.
  • Manufactured from 316 stainless steel for hostile environments.
  • Can be used topside or subsea for the offshore oil & gas industry.
  • When system pressure is achieved, no consumption of expensive fluid.
  • Cost reduction - no electrical supply or controls required.
  • No long high pressure hose required.


Fluid power servomotor for hostile environments

The picture right shows a Nutron BV series motor with an enclosed 32 pulse per revolution encoder with watertight connection.

This motor has been developed for hostile and aggressive environments e.g. under water. All the external components are individually Electrolyses Nickel-plated, with a watertight, stainless steel electrical connector. The motor's pressure compensation system will maintain speed to within 1% despite a varying load.

Underwriters Laboratories or CENELEC certified optical encoders and control valves can be incorporated into the motors.

An all-external, stainless steel motor is available on request.

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