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 V/IP Valve Controller
- Optimized for Electro-Hydraulic Drives
- Auto-Tune PID Controller
- Internet Accessable

 Ethernet Interface
 Distributed Control Performance
 Human Interface
 Function Block Detail
 Electro-Hydraulic Flow Diagram

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V/IP is a DIN rail mounting programmable controller for Electro-Hydraulic drive systems. It can be used to replace obsolete control cards and PLCs and provides documentation with clear, graphical function blocks and easy to follow signal flow diagrams.

V/IP can also be networked over Ethernet with valves, operator stations, SCADA systems, etc., using the Nutron Internet accessable distributed control technology.

The DESIGNUTRON programming and Electro-Hydraulic system design software tools can be downloaded free.

It’s intuitive ... if you can sketch out your control scheme, you can build it!


Compact package 2.3” wide, 4.5” high, 4.7” deep
Rugged DIN rail mount
Optional environmentally hardened version
Plug in terminal blocks


  • New concept alternative to a PLC
  • Distributed control with unlimited bandwidth
  • Cost effective for systems of any size
  • Optimized for electro-hydraulic drive systems
  • Easy function blocks for complex systems
  • Stand alone or networked
  • Ethernet for programming and LAN
  • Internet accessible
  • RS-232 Serial port interface (Optional)
  • Ethernet port with Link & Activity LEDs
  • RS485 port (Optional)
  • Analog Out & Digital Input/Outputs (Optional)
  • Universal Input/Outputs (Optional)
    • Plug-in terminals
    • Rugged metal case
    • Firmware field upgradable
    • Program from PC, Mac, Linux
    • designutron has auto updates
    • Multi-user access
    • Supports Virtual Private Network


02 RS485, isolated,
ModbusRTU (slave)

03 7 universal a/d inputs
2 analog out
3 digital i/o

04 ModbusTCP/IP (slave)

05 Function Block Library-Basic
(Arithmetic,Logic,PID,Switches, Comparator,Profiler, Presets,
     Latch, Filters, Counter, Timer and more)

06 Function Block Library 2 - Brake Controls

07 Encoder 1 input. bidirectional with marker pulse

08 Real time clock

Ethernet Interface

10baseT Ethernet standard on all units
Provides programming and networking capability.
RJ45 connector for CAT-5 cable
Crossover cable can be used for direct single connection
Unit accepts IP address for Internet access

Distributed Control Performance

Network bandwidth virtually unlimited regardless of size.
Device speed user settable, subject to program complexity.
Min. execution time: 3 ms
Typical times: Adaptive PID: + analog I/O, < 10 ms
Complex braking controller: + I/O < 35 ms


Ethernet Interface w/ designutron E-H software

Requires ˜ 80mA + loads (1A auto reset fuse)

OPTION -02 - RS485 - ModbusRTU Slave
Isolated (250VAC maximum)
Tx and Rx LEDs
Direct connections or via organizer window

OPTION -07 Encoder Input
Bidirectional with marker
RS422 / RS485 receivers, 24V compliant
300KHz max. frequency

+10V Reference, 10mA max.
Qty. 2, Analog outputs, 0V to +10V 10mA max, 10-bit resolution

Qty. 3, Digital configurable input or output
+24V outputs, 50mA max

Qty. 7, Universal inputs
configurable analog or digital inputs
Analog input ranges +/- 200V, 100V, 10V, 5V, 100mV
Digital input ranges +24V, +12V, +5V
Differential analog inputs 10V, 5V, 100mV
100K Ω input impedance, 12-bit resolution

Human Interface

  • Uses designutron intelligent design and programming software
  • Easy graphical function block programming
  • Active graphics show real time state of switches, contacts, etc.
  • Create clear graphical documentation
  • Simple "drag 'n drop" connections
  • Clear page to page auto referencing
  • Fast pan, zoom, home, jump to functions
  • Selection of custom or standard ANSI or ISO drawing formats
  • Display trend charts
  • Signal Flow Diagram option

Typical Function Block Detail

Typical Electro-Hydrolic Flow Diagram

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