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NEW CATALOGUE Heavy Duty Hydraulic Motors

A new 8 page catalogue details the heavy duty MHA motor range. These high quality, radial piston motors are available in a rotating shaft or rotating case format, with or without spring applied, hydraulic release, safety brakes. There are 12 displacement sizes available, from 5.5 cu in up to 85.9 cu in, with working pressures up to 5000 psi, and nominal output torques of 5296 lb. ft. The unique design of five pistons each supported on a column of oil, results in high efficiency, high starting torque motors, that operate smoothly throughout their entire speed range.

The catalogue details, performance, dimensions and efficiency of the motors with order code and holding torque details for the safety brakes. Just complete the E mail reply card to receive your own personnel copy.


The NUTRON fluid power, servo motor is successfully competing against other forms of servo drives because of it’s low inertia, high acceleration rate. Generally, when a servo drive has to operate at a low speed, a gearbox is required. The combined inertia of the rotating unit and gear set can be high, yet the NUTRON motor can operate as a direct drive at speeds, less than 1 rpm, with smoothness and precision. For example, we have recently applied a quantity of Nutron motors on a high torque application, where the customer required a speed range of over 400 to 1 e.g. 1 to 400 rpm. Whilst an electrical drive was considered, they could not obtain the speed range required.

A NUTRON Motor, 1 to 1600 rpm, continuous torque’s up to 1600 in lb. weight 19 lb., 6" x 6" x 6.5" cube.

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