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Issue 20
May we wish all our readers a happy and prosperous 1999.

Improved Performance, Reduced Cost.

Over the last three years we have developed a number of closed loop control options, including absolute encoders, for the NUTRON BV series motors, which has resulted in many new applications, e.g. positioning robots, rotary test rigs, constant speed drives etc.

However, don’t just think of the BV motor for the difficult applications, remember that there are many simple applications where the customer can benefit from improved performance, faster response, wide speed range, increased efficiency (reduced heat), longer life, cost efficiencies.

For example, a local wood products company uses a hydraulic motor to drive a feed conveyor. The speed of the conveyor is set at a maximum, with the grinding head running at maximum power, hence maximum production rate. Problem, as the component passes under the grinding head the load increases and the conveyer’s speed changes. With the increased wear of the hydraulic motor, the speed fluctuation became worse resulting in an operator forever adjusting the speed control.

We were approached to cost out a closed loop electronic control system. Instead, we replaced the hydraulic motor with a Nutron BV10 and a good quality flow control valve with pressure compensator. Result; stable conveyor speed, whether running light or fully loaded, with increased production. All this without the added complexity of electronic control.

High Water Based & Low Viscosity Fluids = Reduced Operating Life?

When operating pumps & motors on the above mentioned fluids pressure ratings have to be reduced to obtain acceptable life. The reasons for these reductions are that the fluids greatly reduce the life of rolling element bearings, port face wear greatly increases, low viscosity increases leakage rates, which results in low volumetric efficiency etc.

The IFIELD super power series variable delivery pump/motor unit has been designed and is well proven to operate on HWBF and low viscosity fluids, with exceptional operating life. Whilst the unit has to be de-rated from its maximum pressure of 8000 psi e.g. 3000 psi on 98% water, it can still operate at full speed (60 cc unit, 6000 rpm continuous speed at 13 displacement).

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