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Issue 18

The Nutron Fluid Motor is based on the principle of free spherical pistons, rolling directly upon multi-wave cams.High pressure fluid is directed through pressure balanced port facings to the axial cylinder bores in the rotor, where the pressure forces half of the pistons to roll down the cam slopes. The reaction of these pistons produces a constant torque about the axis of the rotor, causing it to turn. As the rotor turns, the other pistons are forced to roll up the cam slopes expelling the fluid between them to the low pressure return ports. Since the rotor is symmetric and dynamically balanced, it produces no vibration. Each of its nine pistons go through four complete cycles per revolution resulting in thirty-six power strokes. Since the cam contours are parabolic, the torque produced is absolutely constant and free of ripple. The porting is overlapped and dwell is provided on the cams to eliminate shock. Because operation is inherently quiet, there is no need to provide leakage for noise suppression, and volumetric efficiencies approach 100%.

Contrary to popular belief, ball pistons seal better, wear less, and tolerate more contamination than cylindrical pistons. Since the dirt particles are floating in the fluid, there is no differential pressure across them until they are actually at the effective sealing line. If a particle is small enough to reach this minimum clearance, it will pass through and cannot remain between the parts to cause damage.

The cylinder body is constructed from two units, which expand maintaining a constant force on the face ports, hence inter-port leakage does not accrue. Incorporated is an exclusive internal pressure feedback system. This system allows the case pressure to be only 50 psi less than the return port pressure. Therefore, the drive pistons are only subjected to the pressure required to generate torque. These two features result in extremely low internal leakage, making these motors ideal for applications requiring extremely close speed regulation.

Does the fluid power motor you specify offer these features?

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